Women even now do not want to weight train as they think it will make them bulky. Or scared of getting bigger legs, arms etc. But weight training for women is vital. It actually makes you smaller NOT bigger.

The more muscle you have the less body fat you will be carrying. Also the heavier you go with the weights will help to naturally increase your testosterone levels. This will then improve your muscle mass. Meaning you will burn more calories /fat at rest.
So you need to increase your weight training. More Muscle = Less Body Fat.

If you look at 1lb of fat to 1lb of muscle you will see the fat is huge in comparison. But they both weigh the same on the scales, but look different on your body. This is why we should go by the tape measure rather than the scales.

From a health point of view weight training will increase your bone density and Increase Testosterone. It will help you improve your posture, also it will assist in areas we want to improve such as saggy arms and thighs.

Studies have also shown that by increasing your testosterone levels naturally you may find any menopause systems will decrease.

Many women also feel uneasy about going to a gym and using weights. The beauty of doing classes on line with me or anyone is, you don’t have to worry about taking a break if you need one. You won’t get stuck for ideas either. If you want to go to a gym and having a personal trainer is either too expensive or daunting then why not write down the moves done on line. This can be used as your programme in the gym.

At any age weight training is vital. We need to improve our grip as we age, do we really want to be asking someone to open a jar for us ? Your grip will diminish with no strength in them. So get picking up the weights and don’t be afraid your body will thank you for it.
If you are looking for on line weight classes please message me for the lift lean classes.