You owe it to yourself to put your health first and if you are looking to get into the best shape of your life then this is for you!

Special introductory offer of £10 a week for the programme and access to the online Lift Lean classes.

  • Face to face consultation
  • Full 10 week training programme
  • Nutritional guide and calorie targets
  • Macronutrients guides you can tailor to suit your preferred dietary tastes
  • Ability to track everything through the app
  • Weekly check-ins where you will be able to send in progress pictures (crop top and shorts), measurements and weight
  • Weekly chat, feedback
  • Unlimited access throughout the programme to my virtual Lift Lean classes
  • Daily habit form to complete in the app where you will log your daily food intake, logging exercise, sleep, and steps

Honestly the changes have been the easiest to follow. I’ve tried all sorts of stuff in the past, but found it really hard to stick to or have been so hungry. This is really making me think about my food choices, and having lost 8lbs in a few weeks I’m determined not to undo that progress! This week I’ll be focusing on getting the classes in and more weights.  Thanks for kicking my butt, it’s needed!

I have known Sue for many years and I have always been impressed by how diverse her classes are and how open she is to keep up to date. I started her on line classes during the pandemic and have continued to do so to the present day.

I enjoy the body transformation weight classes with her 10 week nutrition program and have noticed drastic changes. I have only completed 5 weeks of the program but I have lost 9lbs and 16 inches all over my body.

I feel so much healthier and fitter it truly has been an educational journey which I am enjoying, and would encourage others to do.

I started this weight loss/ body tone journey without much hope or confidence but boy was I wrong. I found Sue to be very patient, professional, passionate and a good listener. With Sue’s help and determination I have lost weight and inches every single week. I feel so motivated and inspired by her enthusiasm and really do not think I could have managed this without her. In the past I have tried every single diet going without much success but this feels so different to all the rest. I am eating a healthy balanced diet and doing feasible weight training two to three times per week it could not be simpler and amazingly it is working. I would recommend Sue Wakefield without any hesitation. Well done Sue and thank you for my body transformation.

Carolyn Ryles


Client Feedback…

“Sue’s classes are amazing! To anyone who is thinking about joining I would thoroughly recommend it. She brings an element of fun, positivity and energy with the creative way she choreographes every single class.”

Jane Whittle

“Sue is a fantastic instructor, fun and motivational. Her classes are superb and keep you firm and feeling strong. The time passes so quickly as they are so enjoyable.”

Jennifer Merrick

“I have been with Sue since the first lockdown. Every week is different, so no chance at all of getting fed up. The variety of classes is amazing each week. Highly recommended.”

Amanda Bruce-Bostock

“I absolutely love Sue’s classes, the variation and her support has helped me regain my motivation. The classes are a manageable 30mins so I can fit them in around my busy work and home life.”


Ready to Make a Change?

My classes can help remove barriers to fitness and leave you feeling empowered! Crush any doubts you had about yourself and your abilities…