Classes are currently running at multiple venues including Haxey Memorial Hall, Private Garden Studio Haxey, Walkeringham Village Hall, Finningley Village Hall, Warmsworth Resource Centre, Edenthorpe Community Centre, Skellow Grange.

Boogie Bounce

This is a fitness class on a mini trampoline with a handle. The trampoline takes 80% of the impact so it is kind to your joints. The class is done to some great music and is a fun way to work out. There are many benefits to these classes such as there is an average calorie burn in a 45 minute class of between 450 to 600.  Benefits include:

  • Improved balance, coordination and posture
  • Enhanced digestion
  • Improved metabolism
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Arthritis management
  • Supports the pelvic floor

and much more!

Please note that because of the number of trampolines available at each venue classes have to be booked through the Gymcatch app on the link provided and that there is a 48 hour cancellation period.

Fitness Pilates

During a fitness pilates class you will identify basic postural and movement imbalances and breath.

The class will:

  • Increase muscular balance and strength
  • Improve posture
  • Improve core strength and mental cognition

You will work at whatever level is good for you. Sometimes props such as poles, bands, balls and the hog will be used in these sessions.

Body Yoga/Pilates Flow

This is a unique class which incorporates yoga and pilates in which you will increase flexibility and increase strength.

Step Aerobics

This is the classic workout class done on a step.  A class will target your legs and core and will improve your balance and agility. The moves are broken down and easy to follow and done to music usually from the 80’s.

Over 50s Fitness

This is a class of two halves with the first half changing each week, so it may be low impact aerobics, chair dance, circuits or LBT work. The second half is Pilate focusing on spinal health and balance moves . There is an optional weigh in at this class for £1 and the money collected goes towards a meal or event. There are also talks and social events.

Lift Lean

Online classes for women’s health and fitness. There are sixteen 30 minute classes every month and the advantage of online fitness is that you don’t have to worry about child care, going out on an evening or having to drive somewhere, worry about car parking or having to get fitness gear and no worries about anyone watching you if you’re not ready for classes with other people yet.

The time you do the classes is also up to you, either live with me in a morning or at a more convenient time during the day or evening to suit you.

There are over 600 classes available on the  page and the timetable changes every week with giving you new challenges with various classes including yoga/pilates, step, weights resistance classes and others. 

So less than £1 per class at  just £15 a month.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to determine if you are sufficiently healthy to undertake fitness or exercise activity. Please confirm that you are in good health and that you have not been advised to refrain from dance, fitness or exercise activities, that you are not receiving treatment for any condition that might be affected by undertaking dance or fitness or exercise related activity. If you feel unwell during or after the class, you must stop and seek medical attention. As a participant you expressly assume full responsibility for any injuries or damages which might occur as a result of participation.


Client Feedback…

“Sue’s classes are amazing! To anyone who is thinking about joining I would thoroughly recommend it. She brings an element of fun, positivity and energy with the creative way she choreographes every single class.”

Jane Whittle

“Sue is a fantastic instructor, fun and motivational. Her classes are superb and keep you firm and feeling strong. The time passes so quickly as they are so enjoyable.”

Jennifer Merrick

“I have been with Sue since the first lockdown. Every week is different, so no chance at all of getting fed up. The variety of classes is amazing each week. Highly recommended.”

Amanda Bruce-Bostock

“I absolutely love Sue’s classes, the variation and her support has helped me regain my motivation. The classes are a manageable 30mins so I can fit them in around my busy work and home life.”