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I have been teaching different classes at many different gyms, fitness centres and other venues for over 35 years now. I started fitness quite late on in life doing the initial training with my daughter as she didn’t want to do it on her own and from then on I was hooked and have never looked back.

Why come to my classes?

Well firstly my participants are my priority and I understand that to enjoy a class you need to feel welcome and safe; you need to know its ok if the class is moving in one direction and you’re going in the other its fine. Everybody does it so you’re not the first and won’t be the last.

I think my classes have been popular for so many years is because they are fun, hey even I go wrong but we can laugh about it.

Its important you work at a level that feels good for you and you are in an environment that allows this.

I know there are barriers to fitness for many people but hopefully the classes can help remove some of those for you and leave you feeling empowered and crush any doubts you may had about yourself and abilities.


99% of success in fitness is showing up – and after a class hang on to that feeling you had when you finished!

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Fitness for Businesses

I provide fitness and pilates classes online for staff working from home.  I create bespoke classes for each organisation, and can broadcast via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Facebook Live.

If you work for an organisation that may be interested in this service please contact me for further details.

A regular fitness class improves metnal, physical and emotional well-being, and provides a great connection with co-workers.


Do you feel a little lost when it comes to what exercise is best for you?

Have you lost your MoJo and not sure how to get it back?
Do you need structure and accountability to help you get fitter and stronger and stay functional now and in the future?
Would you like to improve your muscle tone, flexibility and strength?
Drop down a dress size?

Whatever your goals are why not let me help you achieve them. I can provide 1-2-1 sessions bespoke to you with telephone calls / text messages for accountability. You may also want to have weekly challenges.

You will also have access to my on line LIFT LEAN page where there are over 600 hundred classes and 4 brand news ones each week to help keep you motivated and on track.


Buggy Beat is an outdoor group fitness class for busy mums, grandparents, carers with a baby/toddler in a pushchair.

Flex is a strength, mobility and flexibility class for today’s lifestyle. It composes of dynamic stretching, active and passive stretching. The class uses props such as towels, boards , pods, sticks and foam rollers.

Pound Using Ripstix, a lightly weighted drumstick and great music it transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out.

Aqua-aerobics  This class is performed in water and is low impact and helps improve heart health and cardio vascular strength.

Spin Indoor cycling is a high intensity exercise on a stationary bike . It combines cardio and endurance and is great for toning muscles.

Corporate Classes/Bespoke classes. I create bespoke classes for each organisation and teach live in the workplace or on Zoom, Teams or Facebook Live. I have done classes for Scottish Power, Highland Dance Company, Doncaster Council, Doncaster Childrens Trust, Barnyards.
I also provide women’s health talks one to one or small work groups

Men on Mats This is a combination of Yoga/Pilates moves aimed at men only. Props can also be used to aid stretching.

Kettle bells  Using kettle bell weights this class is a workout that targets multiple muscle groups.

If you are interested in starting or attending one of these classes please get in touch with Sue.


Client Feedback…

“Sue’s classes are amazing! To anyone who is thinking about joining I would thoroughly recommend it. She brings an element of fun, positivity and energy with the creative way she choreographes every single class.”

Jane Whittle

“Sue is a fantastic instructor, fun and motivational. Her classes are superb and keep you firm and feeling strong. The time passes so quickly as they are so enjoyable.”

Jennifer Merrick

“I have been with Sue since the first lockdown. Every week is different, so no chance at all of getting fed up. The variety of classes is amazing each week. Highly recommended.”

Amanda Bruce-Bostock

“I absolutely love Sue’s classes, the variation and her support has helped me regain my motivation. The classes are a manageable 30mins so I can fit them in around my busy work and home life.”


Ready to Make a Change?

My classes can help remove barriers to fitness and leave you feeling empowered! Crush any doubts you had about yourself and your abilities…