Did you know the average person’s bladder can hold 500 ml of water, our bladders are built to hold this amount. But what happens is our brain starts to tell us that we need a wee at 150 to 200ml.

How many times have you thought “ Oh I need a wee” but you are in the middle of doing an e mail, and thought I will go when I have done this, then the phone may go, you have a chat, then you think oh needed a wee ages ago maybe an hour or so has passed. So this just shows you did not really need to go. You are just getting the message from your nervous system telling you at 150 to 200ml that you need a wee. But this shows you have enough room in your bladder to hold .

I know many ladies suffer from stress incontinence and are afraid to have a full bladder. I hear it so often that ladies are worried if they cough/sneeze/jump then there will be leakage, so daren’t hold it in.

JIC What does is stand for ???

How many of us have a wee, just in case. I know I do. Even when I don’t need one. If this is you try not to do it all the time. Just nip to the loo when you really need to.
If you are home look at the clock and think I am going to give myself 10 more minutes. The chances are if you start doing something you will forget about it.

This will also help those of you who get up in the night for a wee. It will also help those of you with urging incontinence. (where a teaspoon of urine comes out)

So trying to re-train your bladder will help in that department. Always think do I really need a wee?

Good luck, I hope this little tip helps!